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Santiago Chile
Place of celebration Place:  Santiago, Chile
Organizer ico Organizer: Estudio Jurídico Otero
Date ico Date start: 10/01/2008
Date end: 12/01/2008

attendes ico
Rainer Maria Kraft, Kraft & Winternitz, Austria Theodoro Carvalho de Freitas, Theodoro Carvalho de Freitas, Advogados Associados, Brazil Gerardo Otero y Emilio Pohl, Estudio Jurídico Otero, Chile Bojan Stanoev, Bazltankov, Stanoev & Tashev, Bulgaria Juan Carlos Gallegos, Gallegos, Valarezo & Neira, Ecuador Markus Thiele, Junge, Schüngeler & Partner, Germany Raúl Bitar, Bitar, Marcín & Asociados, S.C., Mexico Hans Kaiser and Mark Langerak, Kaiser Advocaten & Belasting-adviseurs, The Netherlands Manuel Sousa Machado, Sousa Machado, Ferreira da Costa & Associados, Portugal José Luis Cobo and Mariluz Santos, Legal Resources Abogados, Spain
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Friday started with a by now almost traditional City Tour through the Chilean Capital. Participants where lucky enough to stroll around the Plaza de Armas under the eyes of Pedro de Valdivia, the Spanish conqueror of Chile, climb up to the Cerro Santa Lucía where Diego de Almagro planted the first cross before being driven back to Peru in his previous and failed attempt to subdue the Mapuche indians, relax in front of the equally famous and notorious presidential Palacio de la Moneda and enjoy a magnificent view over the Santiago valley and the majestic andine cordillera with its even in summer snow covered, well over 5000 m high peaks from the Cerro San Cristóbal. Blues skies and 30 C° made the setting all the more perfect, specially for winter battered Europeans.
At noon, a splendid open air lunch awaited the participants on the terrace of the venerable Golf Club Las Condes, before heading to Estudio Jurídico Oteros premises for the working part of the Convention.
At the outset Mrs. Mariluz Santos presented the 2007 Accounting Report. The following open discussion focused on several issues such as E-Iure´s current situation, achievements and potential for development as well as the respective experiences and views of the memberfirms.
The assisting members basically agreed on the following items:

  1. Brochure: it will be designed in Spain. Cost of the brochure will be covered by the Alliance. Deadlines: a. January 20: All members will receive the information about each law firm for revision. b. January 30: Approval of texts. In case there is no feedback, we will include the text sent the 20th. c. February 28: Brochure in pdf will be ready. At this time, it will be needed to know the units requested per country, from Madrid we will send a form with cost details (excluding shipping) for confirmation with each lawfirm.
  2. Compendium 2008: contributions will be sent not later than February 28. the material of 2007 will be sent today to all members for revision and updating.
  3. Minutes of the board: will be done by Markus Thiele and will be published on the website not later than February 15.
  4. New countries contacts (with a monthly report): a. Spain will contact: US (contacts in Seattle), Panama and Scandinavian countries. b. Netherlands will contact Cyprus and possibly Greece c. Germany will be in touch with Croatia and Poland. d. Bulgaria will contact Turkey and Greece. e. Ecuador will contact Argentina and Peru f. Mexico will contact Puerto Rico and USA (Florida).
  5. Website: a new space will be designed for monthly news and articles of members.
Issues enough to continue the animated discussions even at the brilliant dinner offered by Gerardo Otero and his wife at their splendid and charming home located outside the busy capital at the foot of the Cordillera. Once again the views were breathtaking and the cheerful get-together lasted deep into the night, well after the appearance of the southern crossing had made it very clear to the participants, that wondrously they were so much closer to Antarctica than to their respective homes.
On Saturday participants took advantage of the invariably brilliant atmosphere and the end of the working part of the convention, joining an excursion to Bodegas Santa Rita, one of Chiles world famous wineries. Outstanding wine and the beautiful colonial architecture in the middle of endless vineyards left little doubt that this was a very special place with more than a hundred years of tradition.
All together once again memorable days on Latin-American soil, doubtlessly one of the Alliances strongholds.
Our deep gratitude belongs to the hosts of this greatly organized, cheerful and charming Convention, who gave us the chance to enjoy a wonderful country in a truly global surrounding.
Stimulation enough, we hope, to see you all again when E-Iure returns to the “Old World” at its 12.. Convention from July 4th to July 6th 2007 in Paris, France.