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  • Place: Utrech, The Netherlands
  • Host: Kaiser Van As Advocaten & Belastingadviseurs
  • Date start: Friday, 01 July 2005
  • Date End: Saturday, 02 July 2005
  • Agenda:
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    Kraft&Winternitz (Austria); Carvalho de Freitas Advogados Asociados (Brazil); Junge Schüngeler&Partner (Germany); Antonelli, Cocuzza&Associati (Italy); Cavinet Morales Advocates (Luxembourg); Bitar Marcin&Asociados (Mexico); Kaiser Van As (The Netherlands); Sousa Machado Ferreira da Costa & Asociados (Portugal); LR Abogados (Spain); Stringer Saul LLP (UK); Karanovic&Nikolic (Serbia); Divjak Topic & Bahtijarevic Law Firm (Croatia); Laszczuk & Wspolnicy (Polonia); Icaza González-Ruiz & Aleman (Panama); Bazlyankov Stanoev&Tasehev Law Office (Bulgary);

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    FRIDAY: JUL 1ST, 2005

    • 09:00 Meeting in KAISER VAN AS offices, located at Groenewoudsedijk, 41 Utrecht.
    • 09:15 Welcome Message from Mr. Hans Van Brakel, from KAISER VAN AS.
    • 09:30 Attendees’ introduction: Brief introduction from all the attendees present in Utrecht.
    • 09:45 The Compendium 2005: Release Report. Range,Targets and Coordination Mistakes.
    • 10:00 Strategy for ILFA E-IURE: Long Term | Short Term (next six months): a) The Compendium 2006: Contents; new participants?; new practice areas?; who will take part in it?  b) The Agency Contract in 30 countries: a potential new release. A sample.  c) Exchange for International Legal Training. d) Special fares for “global players”. e) Relations among the Law Firms members of the Alliance: making closer, reinforcing…an irrevocable commitment.f) Other proposals: Global Marketing Initiatives for members: introductions. g) Corporate Image of the Alliance: stationary, web, signs, headlines … regardless Local Bar limits and bans.
    • 12:00Delivery of ILFA E-IURE Statutes for all the Members. Board of Directors. Nomination and Election for a 2-year period. Fulfilment of legal paperwork.
    • 12:30 Updating of the E-IURE web site.Work schedule for members. Coffee Break
    • 14:00ILFA E-IURE Accounts: 1. Report on accounts 2. Members not in good standing
    • 16:00Members are invited to propose their Country/City as host of the ILFA E-IURE’s Convention in 2006. The election will take place Saturday 2nd of July, at the end of the convention.

    SATURDAY JUL 2ND, 2005

      • 10:30 - 11:00 Almudena Alonso, Lead Recruiter - Cisco Iberia & Mediterranean [until 2003, former Ernst Young HHRR Director EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East & Africa)]: “Human Resources in a Law Firm, requirements and developments: NEW HHRR TRENDS. EMPLOYEE LIFE CYCLE”. Q&A
      • 11:00 - 11:30: Rene Seeder, former Vice President Outsourcing Benelux, Cap Gemini: “Outsourcing in Law Firms”. Q&A
      • 12:00 Feedback about the VI E-IURE Convention.
      • 12:30 Next Convention. Where will be ILFA E-IURE's 7th Convention be held in 2006?
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