Curia is KLAR’s specialized department on debt recovery, debt collection and insolvency. Curia has a comprehensive experience with debt collection cases and the process hereto.  

Curia collaborates with the Danish division of Intrum (one of the world’s largest debt collection agencies) handling all disputed claims. Curia is responsible for around 300 court cases on a yearly basis, this excluding cases handled at the Bailiffs office. The cases are primarily B2B with around 70% and B2C with approx. 30% of the volume.

The average ticket/principle is very difficult to state, because it depends on portfolios forwarded – Curia have handled claims from parking companies regarding parking fines with a principle of DKK 750,00, which is around EUR 100,00 to claims on behalf of banks or credit companies for claims well above 1 million DKK.

Curia represent some of the largest companies within banking companies, credit and credit card companies, mobile phone companies and insurance companies among others.