EWRA Sp. z.o.o.

Debt collection cases handled (on 14.11.2019): 1076  
Cases during amicable collection: 367  
Debt colleciton cases handled in court (on 14.11.2019):    
Waiting for payment ordered to be issued: 284  
After the payment ordered was issued (waiting for or during bailiff execution): 425  
Deb Collection cases received per year (last 12 months): 3058  
Total value of cases received last year (PLN/EUR): 37.543.961,14 zl € 8.731.153,75
Average debt value (PLN/EUR): 12.277,29 zl € 2.855,18
Amicable debt collection effectiveness (%): 53%  
Efectiveness after full collection (amicable+legal+bailiff) 78%