E-IURE Debt Collection Servicing is a recently created debt collection platform, formed by law firms with extensive experience in the management of failed debt collection NPL (Non-Performing Loans), unsecured and with mortgage guarantee (secured).

Our team is comprised of highly distinguished firms from over 20 countries around the world.

Debt Collection Members

E-IURE Debt Collection Servicing was created to provide services to Banks, Servicers, Master Servicers and NPL portfolios holders (secured & unsecured) in the event of a dispute, which is either pending or already arisen.

We offer a very significant competitive advantage over the current Servicers that are working for our target clients. We have teams of lawyers with high qualifications in litigation management and extensive experience and skill in the market. We manage debt with high rates of efficiency and recovery as we know bankruptcy law in-depth and we´re receivers and Trustees in several bankruptcies. Additionally, we have easy access to quality information on the functioning of Courts, Companies and their administrative structures, Directors, etc. This information is also derived from our own experience of practising law, strengthened over many years of practice.

We have a national and international network of quality solicitors who help us to "push" the procedure along, by all means, shortening times and increasing the chances of recovery. Every minute counts and our policy is to try and speed up all formalities and paperwork as much as possible so we can reach proceedings or close satisfactory agreements with debtors as quickly as possible.

We created this platform because we noticed the low-quality service of the current Servicers in NPL both unsecured and secured of high amount (big tickets), companies (SME), bankruptcy files and debt with a significant legal complexity. Our experience shows that this type of credit is managed by junior or inexperienced lawyers, who simply follow the established procedure and give up when they do not find an easy way and quick solution. We have experienced these procedures from the other side in which the not duly qualified multi-debt Servicers have lost clear debt opportunities due to their lack of knowledge, wisdom, persistence and networking. In short, because they lack the skills required. In contrast, E-IURE Servicing offers a clearly distinguished service, with a high level of expertise.

Initially, we will focus our activity on NPL debt collection with the following characteristics:

  1. All types of debt (secured)
  2. Big Tickets (unsecured)
  3. SME Companies (unsecured)
  4. Insolvency proceedings (unsecured)
  5. Debt already legal (secured & unsecured)
  6. Debt with non-initiated legislation (secured & unsecured)

In addition to our high ability to manage this type of debt, we offer an international service in 20 countries. This allows the funds that purchase portfolios from NPL and international banks to have a reliable Servicer that can provide a service, under the same conditions and with the same quality and reliability, in all the countries in which they operate. This is something unique and exclusive that only E-IURE Servicing can offer.

Our philosophy is to become “partners” of our clients, with the payment for our services based solely on success. We are very confident of our capabilities and the value that we bring to the Debt Collection Platform and therefore we are confident that we will always have a long-term relationship with our customers.

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