Pascowitch Moreira Advogados

From the moment our firm was conceived, our concern in translating the philosophy of Pascowitch Moreira has been present: to escape the clichés of law.

Our intention is to act beyond the law practice with excellence, also as translators of this rough environment and language to those outside the practice. We constantly deal with commercial and administrative departments of multinational companies lacking legal departments established in Brazil. Therefore, we act facilitating this communication through clarifying and summarized presentations, understandable language and material that may be understood and discussed internally by the client.

Our aim is to make the communication process between our firm and the client faster and lighter, especially to those who lack legal departments established in the country.

Our professionals are fluent in English and spanish and are able to walk through diverse cultures to serve Brazilian and foreign companies with deep knowledge during the whole process of advising, from the company’s conception and continuing with the provision of corporate legal advising services. Find below the areas of the law firm:

Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions
Civil Law
Foreign Investment
Business Structuring
Labor Law
Succession Planning / Family Business
Personal data Protection


Rua Quintana, 887, cj. 63
04569-011,São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Phone: +55 (11) 2548 8900

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