E-Iure comprises a network of law firms from all over the world. Meant to be a link between Europe and Latin America, during the last few years, E-Iure has grown to be a truly global network. Legally, E-Iure has been formed as an association under Spanish law, with headquarters in Madrid, Spain.


Building a network of well-established independent law firms in many of the worlds’ economic hotspots to serve the needs of a diverse business clientele.


National exclusivity, meaning one law firm per country, working armoniously to develop a deep, trustful and exclusive relationship among a very manageable group or firms.


We work to strengthen an international network of law firms, made up of national/local law firms, interested in supporting, maintaining and promoting business and investment opportunities that may exist or arise in their country for foreign agents.


Our clients, the corporations, partnerships, private clients and public authorities -increasingly seek our legal advice and representation on cross-border issues. E-Iure currently operates worldwide with 18 official national members.


Each of our 22 member firms cooperates with a “best-friends” network of reliable correspondents across the globe. Hence, when consulting a local E-Iure law firm, you will not only have a worldwide legal access, but your lawyer will always be in the position to contact the appropriate lawyer abroad or provide you with details about the legal practitioners you need to contact.


All E-Iure firms are committed to highest internal quality standards relating to confidentiality, mandatory professional indemnity insurance, knowledge of foreing languages and promptness. We understand our clients’requirements of international reliable legal correspondents, and we are committed to provide a sound and attractive answer to tremendous change in legal and judicial cooperation in Europe and on a worldwide basis already under way and still to come.


For more than 20 years, we have developed a series of best practices that unite our member firms. These include frequently meetings and visits, two annual congresses as well as publishing cross-border handbooks, guidelines and compendiums. The result is a friendly yet solid unity among member firms and their different legal and business cultures.


Please have a closer look at our Publications: the yearly reedited compendium from 2005 through to 2015, comprising a guideline for corporate law, tax law, foreign investment law, labour law and real state law in more than 20 jurisdictions or the handbooks for the “Agency Contract” and “Raising Funds” published by the Alliance to have a sample of the quality of our members firms.

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Date Start: Thursday, 29 August 2024 Date End: Saturday, 31 August 2024


Date Start: Thursday, 25 January 2024 Date End: Sunday, 28 January 2024


Date Start: Thursday, 31 August 2023 Date End: Sunday, 03 September 2023

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