Langerak Advocaten Advocaten is law firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Right from the start, the company has been regarded as a solid, experienced, and professional practice, because its lawyers have not only already earned their spurs in commercial law firms, but have also worked together as a team before. The largest element of the Langerak Advocaten client base is comprised of entrepreneurs and their companies, but help is also provided to individuals with legal problems. The firm deals with a wide variety of legal issues ranging from employment law, real estate, contract law, and company law in its broadest sense.
Although Langerak Advocaten is based in the Netherlands, the firm also works beyond its own borders, with many international companies on its client base. In fact, collaborations with foreign clients and (law) firms are a common part of the company’s daily practice.

Company Law:

Langerak Advocaten can assist you with all company law related matters, including management-buyouts, issues of directors’ liability, changes of control, joint ventures and other forms of collaboration, and corporate litigation. The firm’s lawyers also advise and litigate on commercial law matters, and can assist you with different types of commercial contract (e.g. distribution, agency contracts, and franchising). The office is well equipped to deal with (complex) debt collections and all relevant issues, such as damage claims, the retention of goods, the suspension of obligations, and the dissolution of agreements.

Real Estate:

The lawyers at Langerak Advocaten are experienced in the field of real estate law, and possess a thorough knowledge of the legal aspects of every phase of the building process: development, construction, and sales or rentals to eventual users of properties. More specifically, Langerak Advocaten works in the fields of construction law, the purchase and sale of real estate, the rental of commercial property, tenancies, shared ownership, and easements. You can contact them to act as your advisor, or as your litigator in real estate disputes. Of course, the team is also happy to function as a ‘sparring-partner’.

Employment Law:

The legal team provides expert advice to employers and employees alike in employment law disputes. Its approach is characterized by quick and efficient solutions that best meet the needs of clients. The firm’s lawyers can assist you with the dismissal of employees or (statutory) directors, and can also help with collective redundancy issues in cases of reorganization. Moreover, as a sparring-partner, the team can advise you on how to react to the ever-changing employment law environment in the Netherlands.

Contract Law:

Langerak Advocaten helps clients when other parties to a contract do not fulfil their obligations, for example, by failing to pay invoices, delivering goods or services that do not meet expectations, or by suddenly and unilaterally ending a long-term contract. The team also helps clients when they are confronted with claims from other parties, and is happy to try to find a way out of a conflict. In the field of contract law, the firm has significant experience with the many legal tools that can (and must) be used in cases of non-compliance with agreements, such as the suspension of obligations, the dissolution of a contract, and the claiming of damages.

Hullenbergweg 413,
1101 CS Amsterdam – Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 20 705 8030
Fax: +31 (0) 6 287 88 587

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