Bakouchi & Habachi

Founded in 2006 by Salima Bakouchi “Bakouchi & Habachi-HB Law Firm LLP” is a multidisciplinary business law firm, with a significant expertise in business law to provide private companies and public institutions, legal services of high quality in consulting, pre litigation and litigation.

In 2012, the firm becomes a private professional partnership. The choice of this legal form reflects the desire of shareholders to share the expertise of lawyers in the exclusive interest of the client.

The Complementary activity of our firm, composed of legal counsels and litigators, and the diversity of our areas of intervention, allow us to assist, advice and defend our clients both within negotiations and before the courts of the kingdom.

In order to reach the needs of our clients, our firm maintains professional partnerships with administrations, social partners and some international firms.

6, Street Farabi, Bd Rachidi, Residence Toubkal, 2nd floor
Gauthier, Casablanca
Phone : +212 522 47 4193
Fax : +212 522 47 1082
Email :

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